Sunday, 30 April 2017

my liposuction and fat grafting to the breast by Dr Arthur in Medan

My pre op story:
I have always envied those girls with big boobs since i wan in secondary school, i always wonder why i  grew up with such a small boobs, but i am too afraid of inserting foreign body into my breast (breast implant), i have heard after 10 years need to remove and change it again .

I kept searching google what are the things/foods can do/eat to increase bra size but none of them work,i advised you (whoever reading my blog), stop searching it because it is  just wasting your time, imagine if you can increase bra size so easy , we wont see small boob girls in this world already...

Fat grafting to the breast is the best choice for me since i have "a pair of big lower limbs" .( i am a skinny girl but fat lower part). i started searching which doctor has good reviewed by other bloggers, then i saw quite a lot of bloggers reviewed fat grafting to breast by Dr Arthur in Medan, i also watched his videos from youtube, all the results are amazing!!! this is what i have been searching for !!!

by the way , his surgery fee is much more cheaper than singapore surgeon . I emailed a lot of funny questions to his assistant (Jennifer),she replied all questions patience..i decided to book air ticket to Medan to make my dream come true!!

The actual day :
I went to Medan by myself, the driver was waiting me outside with a paper with my name on his hand, so it is quite safe actually as in we do not need to wait over there for so long. you can choose either you want driver to pick you up at airport or train station;if you want him to pick you up at airport then the cost will be SGD22, but if you choose at train station the cost is SGD 10 if i am not wrong. But you have to buy train ticket yourself . i will always choose to pick me up at airport because it is more convenient for me :D

The journey from airport to Dr Arthur clinic is about 1 and a half hour. when i arrived over there , the nurse asked me to fill up a form regarding my particular, and also asked me what are the medication i would like to purchase from them. i only bought the antibiotic, thrombophob gel and bleaching cream from them, other things i had already bought in my country.

After filling up the form , i was told by the nurse to shower first and wait for Dr Arthur to see me . during waiting time the nurse gave me a menu and asked me to choose for my lunch and dinner. After i had eaten my lunch i received call from the nurse asked me to go down to see Dr for consultation.

consultation lasted around 1 hour, i told Dr arthur that i want to fat grafting to my forehead and chin also, he said i do not need far grafting to the chin because my chin look nice, however i still insisted to do it. haha! i told him i want liposuction both calves and inner , frontal and knees for this first surgery, he told me that my calves will be damn swollen and painful, i will be unable to go back to work next week, but i still insisted to do it, how stubborn i am ==!

Post op day 1 -2 pictures:(sorry i didn't manage to take my breast and legs picture , because damn painful i totally lied on bed after surgery)

Post op 1 week- 2week

For the first 2 weeks i could not walk like normal ppl,i tend to bend my knee because really painful, especially stand up after sitting/lying quite a long time, i would feel tightness over calves and inner thigh, it really made me so depressed, i even cried due to pain and the look of my legs( swollen and bruises). But do not worry, bruises and swelling will be getting a lot better around third week )all the pain is definitely worth it !

third week:

Can you see it ?!!!! my leg look a lot better compare to first two weeks, as i told you . definitely worth it !my forehead now look more natural as what i wanted.!!

Post op week 4:

I never post forehead picture is because it remains the same as third week , but chin has already lost some of the fat so i planning to do fat grafting to the chin again for my next trip. i am a bit sad i can feel my breasts have shrink little bit compare to first 2 weeks. however when i put on bra i can still see the fullness over upper part of the breast which i did not see pre operation.

How much did i spend for my surgery?

  • blood test : SGD 90 (the result valid for one year, so if you want to go for second surgery try to do it within one year,lol)
  • 2XU compression tight within SGD150 from ebay 
  • Jetstar air ticket:  SGD164
  • Liposuction one area: SGD1260, i did calves , inner, frontal and inner thighs.however , Dr said my calves not much fat so he only charges as one area instead of back,inner and outer of calves.. see how good is the Dr!!! so total 4 areas=SGD5040
  • Fat grafting to breast: SGD2450
  • Room without toilet attached : SGD50/night. i stay 3 night so SGD150
  • Fat grafting to forehead SGD 1260, chin is free of charge if you also do fat grafting to either mid face or forehead.
  • Antibiotic:$44
  • Bleaching cream:75
  • Betadine :$2
  • Thrombophob gel:$11
  • Transportation:$44

Pain level:
fat grafting to breast 3/5
calves lipo:4/5
thigh lipo:1/5
fat grafting to forehead and chin 1/5

Is there any lump felt over breast/thigh?
i did feel a lot of lumps for the first week because i am too lazy to massage  due to pain, from second week onward almost all the lumps gone i am not sure was it due to i had started massage it or it just disappear naturally,,,
and also my right inner thigh could feel hard lump during third week , no need to worry , just continue massaging it will be gone eventually ,  

Second surgery 
I did left outer,back of thigh,saddle bag

can you see it?! my left and right thigh look so different!

There was some technical problems when Dr transferring videos to my thumb drive , so i only able to open some of the videos. anyway Dr has already uploaded my case to his blog, you can just view from his blog. here is his link :